НТКС-3004С (4 point spray, button, LED light, bearing “Myonic”)



To basket


Connection type six channels

Inch bearings Turbine with Inch bearings with textolite separator and dust-protective shield produced by«Myonic» (Germany)

Protection system anti-AIDS prevents back suction

Turbine rotational rate, rpm 300 000 - 400 000 rpm

Reduced weight, handpiece weight, no more than 0,05 kg

Sterilization in steam autoclave at temperature 134С

Overall handpiece dimensions, mm head height - 14,1; head diameter - 11,9

Rotary group Balanced rotary group НТКС-300Ч (code 00534)

Tool cooling Four-point cooling water/air spray

Light 18 000 lux, bright white light, bipolar connection (without reference to +/-)

Product warranty period 6 months


Turbine push-button handpiece with a standard four-point cooling head and LED illumination НТКС-3004С for therapeutic and orthopedic work.

handpiece with fiber optic connection M6.

The design of the handpiece allows you to replace the LED if necessary

Rotary group with polished wheel to improve the aerodynamic properties of the turbine and eliminate unbalance, which allows to increase the life of the bearings.

Bearings with ceramic balls.

Four-point spray (four holes around the bur) for more efficient cooling of the bur and tooth tissue.