НТКС-300-М4 (standard head, button, bearing “Myonic”)



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Connection type four channels М4 (Midwest)

Inch bearings Turbine with Inch bearings with textolite separator and dust-protective shield produced by«Myonic» (Germany)

Protection system anti-AIDS prevents back suction

Turbine rotational rate, rpm 300 000 - 350 000

Reduced weight, handpiece weight, no more than 0,05 kg

Sterilization in steam autoclave at temperature 134 С

Overall handpiece dimensions, mm head height - 14,1; head diameter - 11,9

Product warranty period 6 months

Rotary group Balanced rotary group НТКС-300 (code 00234)


Turbine push-button handpieces with a standard head НТКС-300-М4, bearings with ceramic balls produced by ZPP-Samara

It is used for therapeutic treatment in dental practice. Designed for fixing cutting tools with a shank diameter of 1.6 mm and giving them a rotary motion from the drill when performing dental work.

Specific milling on the handle with four criss-crossing stripes on both sides to prevent the handpieces from slipping in the hand and for ease of use.

Balanced rotor group, bearings with ceramic balls,

the design of the handpieces allows replacement of the rotor group.

Rotor speed 300000-400000 rpm

Integrated coolant supply, single water-air spray.

Power 15 W.

Corrected sound power level no more than 64 dBa

Lightweight handpieces no more than 0.05 kg.

Warranty period of operation 6 months.