Well-qualified personnel working for You.


Each of our specialists is aware that “quality produces quality”. Therefore, Megatex team guarantees support to You and Your business.


We are ready to respond to Your wishes promptly in a professional way! We will answer any questions concerning development, production, and repair and service support of our products. We offer solely integrated approach to Your needs as follows:


  • Preventive maintenance – cleaning and lubrication
  • Repair of rotor groups and bearing replacement
  • Rotor groups replacement
  • Collet replacement
  • Push-button replacement
  • Optic components replacement
  • Spare parts manufacturing
  • Emergency service support
  • Training


When repairing air-turbine handpieces we use rotor groups with bearings by domestic manufacturer “OK-Loza” and foreign manufacturer “Myonic”. In the course of repair process it is possible to install beatings with a shield both with steel balls and ceramic balls.


Guarantee period for new original spare parts is 6 months as from the moment of the completion of repair activities.




Please note that during the operation the device requires appropriate storage, lubrication, disinfection and sterilization.


At compliance with all operating instructions Your handpiece will serve reliably for a long time.


In order to deliver your orders we employ various transportation companies. You as well can use any express delivery service convenient to You for order delivery.



Hot line: tel./fax: (84342)4-57-44


We are always with you.


We will be please to answer any Your questions and help repair the items within short timeframes.



Please call: +7 (84342) 4-57-44 or write to: info@pkpmegatex.com