Rotor groups, micromotors and air-turbine handpieces manufactured in Russia.


Company Megatex continuously cares for the quality of the tools being manufactured and guided by its own production of dental air-turbine handpieces and micromotors, it offers high-quality air-turbine handpieces manufactured in Russia according to ISO 9001-2011 and ISO 13485:2003 standards.


All the air-turbine handpieces manufactured by our company are 100% air-tubine handpieces manufactured in Russia wherein each detail and each component is manufactured as per a proprietary engineering solution.


Our main goal is to ensure that air-turbine handpieces you use are reliable and operable, and dental micromotors are powerful and trouble free.


We offer a complete range of domestic air-turbine handpieces for both therapeutic and orthopedic activities, with frictional and collet borer clamp, with LED-optic and non-optic.


All models of balanced rotor groups are equipped with bearins with a shield by domestic manufacturer "OK-Loza" or by foreign manufacturer "Myonic".




Just imagine an amazingly light tool combining delicacy, high efficiency and durability. Specialists of Company Megatex paid special attention to the design which modern engineering solutions enabled to adapt the handle to imported plants. New line of Russian dental handpieces manufactured by our company features delicate and smooth forms ensuring maximum convenient operation, and protective coating has better resistance to wear and tear, abrasion and impacts.


Excellent Visibility.


LED optics 18000 lux of an air-turbine handpiece with fiberoptics significantly imporives the visibility of the operating space. This provides for natural white light similar to day light, and LED service life is 10 times more than that of a common lamp.


Head Cleaning System.


Head casings of dental handpieces are equipped with a cleaning system (protection system against infection) preventing entry of infected liquid or other contaminating substances into the handpiece casing thus ensuring protection of a patient against infection.


The heads of the dental heads have a cleaning system (an infection protection system) that prevents the penetration of contaminated liquid or other contaminants into the tip body, which protects patients from infection.


Optic and non-optic air-turbine handpieces are equipped with four-point water/air nozzles which effectively cool the whole operating space. Numerous tests proved that such type of nozzles provides for better spraying and effective tool cooling in the course of the work.


Each wheel of the rotor group of any dental air-turbine handpiece is mandatory balanced using modern imported equipment. It allows preventing vibration, reducing noise level and increasing service life of bearings of air-turbine handpiece rotor groups.


Each detail and each material of dental appliances manufactured by Company Megatex is tested to meet your requirements for a long time period.


Moreover, all dental appliances passed technical, toxicological and clinical tests as well as tests for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility whereby the company obtained registration certificates from the Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development.