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Watch mechanics is the most accurate mechanics in the world. Therefore, the basis for the development and production of our dental appliances is high accuracy and innovative solutions. These are the issues carefully dealt with by our engineering department. These developments are related not only to the design stage but to the production stage as well. All the details of the design of our products are important to us including dental air-turbine handpieces, micromotors and rotor groups. Anything is important.  Ergonomics and operability, reliability and durability – these are the goals to be achieved by the engineering department of Company Megatex.


Modern CAD / CAM programs allow not only to simulate the product but also to test the performance of air-turbine handpieces, micromotors, as well as individual assemblies (rotary groups) directly in the program on the computer. And the manufacture of a 3d prototype for determining the best ergonomic properties and eliminating the drawbacks is the prerequisite for the production of a new item.




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Innovations are the basis of Megatex activities allowing to create additional values and to find simple solutions to complicated issues. Research and development is an essential factor in the development of our company. We are looking to the future turning simple ideas into a high-tech product.


Our company’s staff has a wide experience of work in the area of watch production and is in constant search of new ideas, solutions and research in the area of modern technologies, as well as reduction of production time and simplification of production process of all products.


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Wheels of air-turbines, parts of head casing, and components of collet clamp are manufactured using CNC Swiss machining Hanwha Nexturn.


At the same time, casings of air-turbine handpiece heads are machined using a 5-axis machine both for drilling holes, boring the inner space of the casing for a rotor group and for external treatment of external surfaces. This held exclude the possibility of holes displacement in coordinates in casings of air-turbine handpiece heads in the course of drilling. In its turn, this means that the air will be supplied exactly onto the blades of the rotor group wheel providing for a constant required power, and water and air will be supplied directly to the operating space of the borer rotation.


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Treatment of the inner surface of casings of air-turbine handpiece heads is carried out at one installation which ensures high production quality and eliminates the possibility of skewing and jamming of the rotor group in the casing since boring of the inner hole for the air-turbine and threading for the cover take place without the cutting tool being displaced about the axis of the borer rotation.


All the components of the collet clamp, as well as the rollers of the air-turbines of the rotor groups are grinded using high-tech Swiss machines manufactured by Studer with processing accuracy up to 1 μm.


Handles of air-turbine handpieces and casing parts of micromotors are manufactured using CNC lathe machines by HAAS allowing to process a part with simultaneous synchronization of several axes in given coordinates.


The assembly site of Company Megatex includes trained, highly skilled specialists who already mastered the assembly of watch mechanisms and add on rates. Therefore, each wheel of the rotor group of any dental air-turbine handpiece is subject to balancing operation. To do this, Swiss equipment is used at the Megatex assembly site to determine the imbalance with an accuracy of 0.01 mg / mm. It is exactly the same equipment that is used on the assembly site of wristwatch mechanisms for balancing the “balance wheel” and ensuring the accuracy of the movement of watch mechanisms rate. This allows to avoid vibration, to reduce noise level and to increase the service life of the bearings of the rotor groups of the air-turbine handpieces. While monitoring the operability, all products undergo a long run and test for effectiveness of the water / air cooling system. In addition, each dental air-turbine handpiece is 100% tested for compliance of the noise level and the number of revolutions to rated values. This allows to create highly competitive products that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


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Feedback is an important component of business activities of Company Megatex. A close relation with dental clinics of our city allows us to receive the most objective information straight from the source. Comments and recommendations, wishes and remarks are necessarily taken into account when designing new products and manufacturing the existing ones.


Our customers’ success is our success,  therefore we do focus on the best innovative and technical solutions. Our task is simple that is to reduce Your costs and increase Your profit.






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