Rotary groups for air turbine handpieces.

Rotary group is a substantial part of dental air turbine handpiece and at the same time, the most consumable part. The rotary group shall correspond strictly to handpiece type for correct and long service.

For several years «Megatex» company manufacturs rotary groups for dental air turbine handpieces of Russian and foreign producers. Possessing latest technologies and high-technology modern equipment with CNC, our rotary groups are characterized by high quality and service reliability. At the same time 100% outgoing inspection keeps to a minimum number of warrantable failures.

Price of a rotary group depends on packaging and air turbine handpiece type. You can buy rotor groups supplied with shielded bearings produced by domestic company -«OK-Loza», or German company-«Myonic».


At customer’s request bearings can be installed both with steel balls and ceramic ones.

All components of a spindle chuck, as well as rotary group rollers are made of calibrated stainless steel, and grinded at high-tech Swiss machines –Studer, with processing accuracy to 1 mkm.

Each rotary group wheel of any dental air turbine handpiece passes mandatory balancing activity, resulting in vibration avoids, minimizing noise level and lengthening the life of bearings. The most recent foreign equipment is used for it, allowing to determine and eliminate imbalance within the accuracy of 0,01 mg/mm.

Besides high quality and beneficial prices to rotary groups, we provide free warranty repair, after-sales service and further consultations.

We produce rotary groups for the following air turbine handpieces:

НТС-300-М4 - frictional air turbine handpiece with a standard head

НТС-300Б-М4 - frictional with a large-size (large) head

НТКС-300-М4 – button with a standard head

НТКС-300Б-М4 - button with a large-size (large) head

НТКС-300Ч-М4 - button with a standard head and four-point cooling spray

НТКС-300ЧС-М4 - button with a standard head and four-point cooling spray and LED lighting.

Analogues of Russian manufacturers:

НТС-300-05 – frictional with metrical bearings

НТСБФ-300-М4 – frictional with a large-size (large) head with inch bearings.

You can buy a rotor group for dental handpieces in our on-line store, clarify technical features and other nuances you can by telephone numbers: +7 (843) 424-57-44, +7 (843) 215-00-07