Customized Metalworking

Company Megatex is a dynamically developing manufacturing enterprise that successfully operates in the following areas:

— Mechanical treatment of metals using Swiss machining

— Development and manufacture of medical tools for dental purposes

— Manufacture of plastic products.

Automated production is one of the priority activities of Company Megatex manufacturing high-quality products both for its own dental products and third-party orders.

Our equipment fleet includes CNC Swiss machining by HANWA and NEXTURN (South Korea) designed for flexible and high-precision machining.

Our profile is the turning of complicated parts with additional machining, of small diameters from 1mm to 32mm.

Possibility of flexible machining both in the main spindle and in the back spindle, contour machining the spindle indexed center line Cs, the driving tool – all these allow to reduce the machining time and produce a finished product from one plant. The presence of bar feed arrangement (Barfeeder) provides for continuous machining thus significantly increasing the productivity.


We manufacture products for such industries as watch-making, medicine, automotive, electronics and electrical engineering, as well as special-purpose screws. In the production, we process various grades of steels and non-ferrous metals, such as:


Stainless steel 20Х13, 25Х13Н2,12Х18Н10Т, 14Х17, 95Х18 etc.;

Titanium alloy ВТ3-1, ВТ6, ВТ14, ВТ16, ВТ20 etc.;

Brass alloy БрБ2; non-ferrous metals ЛС59, ЛС63, Д16Т etc.


Company Megatex provides services for metalworking according to the customer’s drawings and guarantees excellent quality in a short time at affordable prices. We always strive for mutually beneficial working conditions with our customers.


Orders can be sent as per the form specified below, by e-mail or tel.: 8 (84342) 45744.


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