НТКС-300Ч-М4 (4 point spray, button, bearing “Myonic”)



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Connection type four channels М4 (Midwest)

Inch bearings Turbine with Inch bearings with textolite separator and dust-protective shield produced by «Myonic» (Germany)

Protection system anti-AIDS prevents back suction

Turbine rotational rate, rpm 300 000 - 350 000

Reduced weight, handpiece weight, no more than 0,05 kg

Sterilization in steam autoclave at temperature 134 С

Overall handpiece dimensions, mm head height - 14,1; head diameter - 11,9

Tool cooling Four-point cooling spray water/air

Rotary group Balanced rotary group НТКС-300Ч (code 00534)

Product warranty period 6 months


Button turbine handpiece with a standard head and four-point  cooling spray НТКС-300Ч-М4